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If neglected, ponds, lakes and lagoons can become stagnant, full of algae/scum and emit putrid odours. In some cases, the lack of oxygen kills off natural eco systems which exacerbate the problem. Traditionally, ponds have been dredged, treated with chemicals / enzymes and in some cases, concrete lined. These methods are very expensive and generally do not work due to the anaerobic nature of the environment. The use of chemicals is very expensive, requires specialist/protective application, kills the natural environment and usually requires the sludge to be disposed of by road transport.

Where dredging is deemed too expensive or impractical, traditional methods include the application of noxious chemicals and enzymes. Unfortunately, both of these methods do not work as they do not address the source of the problem which is a build-up of sludge at the bottom of the pond or lake.


  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Supports component and pipe life span
  • No hard to dispose of chemicals
  • Environmentally safe
  • Reduces Solids
  • Non-staining, biodegradable dye

Is there a natural, sustainable, intelligent solution?

Eco Tabs are slow release tablets that can be dropped into a pond on a regular basis without any need for protective clothing/equipment. Eco Tabs are not only 100% environmentally friendly but are 100% safe for humans, animals and aquatic life. Eco Tabs sink to the bottom of the pond and release oxygen and other nutrients into the water whilst ‘good bacteria’ eat the sludge on the bottom.

After treatment with Eco Tabs, the water will become clear, smells will be eliminated and scum/algae will be minimised. Often used on golf courses to give lakes a ‘televisual’ appeal.

Many ponds and lakes have fountains to aerate the water, however without regular use of Eco Tabs, pipework, pumps and other equipment can become corroded and blocked which reduces or stops the aeration process.

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Each ecotabsTM is 7.6cm x 2.23cm and weighs 130 Grams. Tablets are individually wrapped in water soluble packaging and packed in quantities of 25, 50 & 100 pieces.

For specific applications contact your ecotabsTM representative.

Directions of Use

Simply drop specified amount of eco-tabs™ into the pond or lake for efficient treatment. Dosage may vary due to pond and lake size, and temperature


Store in cool dry location.

Avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.


Form: 7.6cm x 2.23cm  – 130g Solid Tablet
Color: Tan
Contents: Oxygen Generating Compounds, Buffers, Nutrients, Multi-Strain Non-Pathogenic Bacterial Spores
Plate Count: >5 bil CFU