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Septic tanks are critical in rural environments, however if they are not maintained or emptied frequently, blockages, backups and associated problems will lead to expensive and unsavoury repairs and costs. As an example, until recently septic tanks did not have to be registered in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) therefore the authorities did not know the numbers and locations and it was due to the fact that raw sewage was leaking into the rivers and water systems that the septic tank maintenance and emptying has become a priority.

In general terms, septic tanks fill up and become inefficient and will need emptying. This requires a truck to visit the site and pump out the solid waste. This can be very unpleasant and expensive. Depending on the size and age of the septic tank and the number of toilets emptying into it, the pump-out frequency varies. Failure to empty septic tanks regularly will cause noxious odours and overflowing of the seepage pit (dangerous, illegal and causes ‘sponginess’ of neighbouring land).


  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Supports component and pipe life span
  • No hard to dispose of chemicals
  • Environmentally safe
  • Reduces Solids
  • Non-staining, biodegradable dye

Is there a better, sustainable, cleaner and less expensive method?

Septic tank owners can now flush an Eco Tab down any loo once a month. Eco Tabs will target floating and settled sludge through the addition of billions of non-pathogenic bacteria and active oxygen agents.  This is how we degrade the solids and eliminate the odour.

Unlike other methods, there are no dangerous chemicals/enzymes. Eco Tabs are 100% environmentally friendly and 100% safe for humans, animals and aquatic life.

For technical information, click here


Each ecotabsTM is 5cm x 1.42cm and weighs 60 Grams.

Tablets are individually wrapped in water soluble packaging and packed in quantities of 25, 50 & 100 pieces

For specific applications contact your ecotabsTM representative

Directions of Use

Flush one ecotabsTM septic tank tablet down the toilet once a month


Store in cool dry location.

Avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.


Form: 5cm x 1.42cm  – 60g Solid Tablet
Color: Tan
Contents: Oxygen Generating Compounds, Buffers, Nutrients, Multi-Strain Non-Pathogenic Bacterial Spores
Plate Count: >5 bil CFU